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Dr. Jennifer Kendall, PhD., LMFT-S

Guiding Parents and Families through Life’s Complex Web of Relationships

At the heart of our existence are our relationships. When our familial ties experience strain, it sends ripples across every facet of our lives. If you find yourself here, reading this, let me start by acknowledging the strength it took for you to seek guidance.

It is a testament to your commitment to nurturing and fortifying your family ties, and I feel privileged that you're considering collaborating with me on this endeavor.

Over the years, I've honed my skills at understanding the unique challenges parents face. From the tumultuous tides of parenting stress to the often complex dynamics within families, I offer a beacon of hope and direction.

My Mission for Parents and Families:

To provide you with the tools and insights to navigate parenting challenges, manage familial stress, and strengthen the bonds you share with your loved ones. While the journey of family life is filled with its fair share of ebbs and flows, together, we will strive to maintain harmony and understanding at its core.

Leveraging a comprehensive academic foundation and abundant clinical experience, my goal is to get to the heart of the issues, ensuring that families find balance and parents experience the joy and fulfillment that parenting can bring.

Together, we will establish communication bridges, fostering an environment where every family member feels heard, valued, and supported.

My approach is both comprehensive and cooperative, rooted in evidence-based practices that have proven effective in mending and enhancing familial ties. 

Each session is curated to be a sanctuary—a space free from judgment and brimming with empathy.

My expertise has led me through the vast spectrum of challenges families face, from external pressures to internal dynamics, always championing the idea that, with the right guidance, rejuvenation is within reach.

My academic background includes a doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy from Texas Woman’s University, a master’s in the same field, and an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington.

I'm trained in emotion-focused therapy (EFT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and have garnered specialized expertise in the Gottman Method and relational life therapy. I’m currently journeying towards full certification in sex therapy through AASECT.

Beyond my clinical setting, I wear the hat of an educator, imparting knowledge in marriage and family therapy courses and shaping the next generation of therapists. I'm also on the verge of publishing significant research centered on families, trauma, and health—subjects I fervently advocate for on both the regional and national stages.

As the founder and primary therapist at Relevant Connections, my dedication to fostering healthy familial relationships remains unwavering. I invite you to join hands with me, ensuring a brighter, more harmonious future for your family.

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